Cleaning out your gutters is a messy job, to say the least. Scooping out the rotten debris is a time-consuming and filthy job. But Tru Guard makes it truly easy to keep your gutters clean, year after year! TruGuard has been installed on the eves of over a million homes across the country. This unique design is based on a 25-year, proven system with a lifetime transferrable warranty.
  • The flow-limiting ribbed design slows and spreads water, causing it to sheet instead of bead.
  • 25 year proven nose-forward design channels rainwater in, while keeping leaves and other debris out.
  • Traps over 22" of water.
  • High performance alloy with tough-wearing Kynar 500 finish available in 9 designer colors.
  • Our proven profile is on over a million homes across the country.
  • Each install comes with a Free-Flowing and Product Lifetime Warranty.
  • 20% thicker metal than the leading competition.
  • Manufacturer : QualityEdge
  • Website : http://www.qualityedge.com/truguard-gutter-protection

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